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  • Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler
    Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler The Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler is an efficient counterflow heat exchanger designed for cooling high temperature, high pressure fluid samples such as boiler water, steam, feedwater and hot chemical solutions for tests at atmospheric pressure and temperature.
  • FLT93S FlexSwitch Flow Switch
    FLT93S FlexSwitch Flow Switch

    The FLT93S insertion type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade

  • Web Tension Loadcells
    Web Tension Loadcells In converting operations or on plastic film lines, on web printing presses or textile finishing machinery, recalibrating and replacing load cells that drift or malfunction can be a major preoccupation for maintenance departments.
  • OMYAFIL® 75 This intermediate product between OMYAFIL 60 and OMYAFIL balances sheet strength and optical properties
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