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  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter ProcessMaster FEP500
    Electromagnetic Flowmeter ProcessMaster FEP500

    The modular design of the ProcessMaster FEP500 enhanced version offers the industry's widest range of liners electrodes and sizes to meet the needs of even the most demanding process applications in sectors as diverse as chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper and metals & mining.

  • FLT93S FlexSwitch Flow Switch
    FLT93S FlexSwitch Flow Switch

    The FLT93S insertion type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade

  • CT5400 Process Gas Analyzer
    CT5400 Process Gas Analyzer

    Cascade’s CT5400 is a multicomponent QCL, TDL analyzer for laboratory and process analytics. This product represents the next generation of gas analyzers and sensors, with the ability to measure up to 20 gases and an interchangeable modular configuration for up to 9 lasers. An embedded ARM processor gives fully autonomous intelligent operation. The CT5400 is Cascade’s most powerful analyzer to date.

  • Premium Drainage Elements
    Premium Drainage Elements Robaglas drainage elements are manufactured from long term sintered UHMW-PE reinforced with glass micro-beads and alloyed with molybdenum disulfide
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