A New Approach To Accurate Water Flow Management

Source: McCrometer, Inc.
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Accurate flow measurement is often overlooked at a water treatment plant. Many operators look at flow as being what it is. In reality, accurately measuring your plant’s flow(s) is critically important for operational efficiency, from back-washing to chemical dosing and a host of other processes.

At the City of Benicia, CA, plant superintendent Scott Rovenpara takes flow measurement seriously. “Water treatment plants depend heavily on flow,” said Rovenpara in a recent Water Online Radio interview conducted at ACE.15. “Flow measurement is critical whether you’re calculating a production number or measuring the chemicals that you are dosing. At most treatment plants, your chemicals are flow-paced and so if your flowmeters are inaccurate, your dosage isn’t accurate either.”

At Benicia, the flow points are all in line with pipes. Faced with cutting out a section of pipe to insert a full bore mag meter, Rovenpara became interested in McCrometer’s FPI mag flowmeter that doesn’t require long pipe lengths. With multi-ports and measuring different heights, the FPI can be inserted much closer to a 90 or a deflection.

“The FPI is hot tap-able,” explains Greg Webster, Regional Sales Manager for McCrometer. “It is an insertable device and it is accurate. It has the same performance specifications as full bore mag meters.”

To learn more about the FPI and measuring flow in general, click on the audio player below:

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