Source: MCF Valves, Inc
Actuators have a unique three point load bearing piston design...
Actuator Features

Unique Three Point Load Bearing Piston Design

1. Twin guide bars absorb the rack and pinion loads and ensure constant teeth engagement.
2. Dual encapsulated Acetal piston wear pads absorb adverse side loading at the start of each stroke.
3. The four encapsulated Acetal piston wear pads ensure no metal to metal contact thus providing low friction travel.

Spring return models, requiring pressure to rotate in one direction, are available with ending output torque's up to 14,601inch pounds. Standard operating pressures are 40 to 100 PSI. Operating media for both double-acting and spring return models may be dry or lubricated non-corrosive gas.

Actuator Finishes

Hard Anodized Aluminum, MCF standard finish

MCF Actuator bodies and end covers are constructed of hard anodized aluminum. Designed to resist oxidation and abrasion in both interior and exterior applications.

Chemically Nickel Impregnated process (CNI)

The autocatalytic nickel bath process does not require rectifiers, electrical currents or anodes as in electro plating. After etching, a controlled "Nickel Bath" allows a uniform 25 micron deposit to be layered on all exposed internal and external surfaces. In the deposition process, once a primary layer of nickel has formed on the substrate, that layer and each subsequent layer becomes the catalyst that causes the above reaction to continue until the "uniform" thickness is achieved. Unlike plastic and glass-filled epoxy composites, the surface will not crack or peel off and the aluminum base material ensures the rigidity, integrity and strength are maintained.

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