Diagnosing And Fixing Flow Measurement Problems

Source: McCrometer, Inc.
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Utility personnel and engineers want to know more — now more than ever, due largely to drought and water scarcity concerns, according to Greg Webster of McCrometer.

“Just like you would go to the doctor to get your pulse or your heart beat checked, people want to know more about flow,” he says. “Think of flow as the heartbeat or the pulse of a plant or distribution system. You really have to know what’s going on.”

In this interview with Water Online Radio, Webster explains the importance of flow measurement as far as savings and efficiency, while also detailing overlooked flow considerations and potential pitfalls of measurement devices on the market.

“We would like to say that there’s a perfect flow meter but there’s just not,” says Webster. “There are unique devices for very, very specific applications. We like to partner with our customers and learn about the application, know about the very specific things, get as much details as possible and then apply one of our technologies.”

Webster discusses the problem of partially full pipes, excess air in the distribution system, and flow variance, as well as potential solutions including V-Cone flow meters, magmeters, and Doppler flow meters.

Tune in below to hear the full interview.

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