Flow Measurement For A Changing Market

Source: McCrometer, Inc.
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Curt Worlund of McCrometer, Inc. chats with Todd and Todd of Water Online Radio about the company’s history, experience, and expertise in environmental water quality and flow meters.

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According to Worlund:

“I think one of the biggest challenges you'll see for most wastewater and drinking water customers is that they have to do more with less.

The pressure on plants to keep the water moving and meet the demands of the customers hasn't changed, but they're having to do this while their budgets are being restricted, or tighter than they have been in the past. And the regulatory environment continues to be just as challenging as it always has.

It is all about efficiency and optimization for these plants. How can the managers and operators run these plants as efficiency as possible? Our product line, our flow meters, fit right into this requirement to drive efficiency and optimization.

Regardless of the plant size, regardless of the treatment process, you need to be measuring flow to understand how much water is moving through your system and through your distribution in order to optimize it. Flow meters and our new products provide real solutions to these customers.”

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