Brochure | August 28, 2012

FPI Mag® Insertion Flow Meter Brochure

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

New system engineers value meter positioning flexibility and shortened pipe runs, which reduce the overall footprint and capital expense. When upgrading existing systems, the ability to easily install flow meters without extensive mechanical work and line disruptions is critical to quickly achieving low cost enhancements.

For new water facility designs the FPI Mag can be installed in short pipe runs using a dry tap procedure; this provides greater meter location flexibility, smaller plant footprints, less installation time and lower cost.

For systems needing additional flow meters or an existing meter performance upgrade, the FPI Mag can often be installed without shutting down the line by using a simple hot tap / wet tap insertion approach.

Over the system lifetime, the ability to maintain the system with minimal time and disruption becomes important. Therefore, the ideal flow meter solution reliably delivers accurate performance in multiple flow directions, from a compact package that can be cost effectively installed and removed with little or no system operational impact.