Application Note

Improving Incinerator Operation With Advanced Flue Gas Analysis

Source: Emerson

Sulfur plant tail gas incinerators are used to oxidize sulfur compounds that cannot be released directly into the atmosphere. These sulfur compounds include H2S, COS and CS2. Incinerators are operated at temperatures that are sufficient for oxidation of the sulfur compounds to SO2 as well as providing the required mechanism for proper plume dispersion.

Sulfur plant incinerator control is typically based on a closed loop control on the fuel gas flow providing the incinerator temperature required. Natural draft dampers that are manually opened or closed tradition­ally supply combustion air. Modern incinerator design incorporates forced draft air for combustion air. This allows closed loop temperature control where combus­tion air is provided based on the required ratio to fuel gas. Closed loop control based on excess oxygen can be used to optimize fuel gas control.