Freeware | September 15, 1998

Isolation Manager

Source: Field Data Specialists, Inc. (FDSI)
Isolation Manager (Computerized line-blind tracking - replaces push-pin cards, "blind boards", tagging lists, etc. for safe and efficient shut-down/start-up) Isolation Manager is a database for management of isolation components such as
  1. Blinds/Blanks
  2. Valves (block valves)
  3. Plugs (bull plugs)
  4. Bleeders
  5. Switch gears
Make various lists including:
  1. Partial/Complete Plant shutdown
  2. Plant start-up
  3. Emergency shutdown lists for plants, equipment, etc.
  4. Equipmentshutdown/start-up (furnace, exchanger, pump)
  5. Lists for tank cleaning
  6. Lists by unit, group, equipment, etc.
  7. Lock-out/tag-out points