News | October 26, 2005

New Brochure Available From ABB For Pulp And Paper Industry

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Brochure Details Extensive ABB Instrumentation for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Warminster, PA — Emphasizing enhanced plant performance, a new 12-page brochure from ABB Instrumentation covers the company's broad range of instruments and systems available for the pulp and paper industry worldwide.

The brochure describes ABB's proprietary industrials information technology (Industrial IT) that optimizes a plant's instrumentation assets, and then cites the range of fieldbus networking options. It continues with a two-page graphic diagram showing the many pulp and paper mill processes where ABB instrumentation typically can improve operations. The diagram indicates where instruments can measure, transmit, and record such variables as flow rate, temperature, pressure, pH, ORP, and conductivity.

The brochure ends with six pages that highlight features and benefits of key ABB products for the pulp and paper field. Included are:

  • Electromagnetic, vortex, swirl, Coriolis mass, variable area, and thermal mass flowmeters.
  • Analyical instruments for measuring such variables as pH, redox (ORP), conductivity, dissolved oxgen, and combustion flue gases.
  • Electrical- and pneumatic-opeerated actuators (drives) for control valves and dampers -- with intelligent positioner options.
  • Complete line of pressure and temperature transmitters. Variety of remote diaphragm seals offered to protect D/P measuring element as needed, for example, with pulp preparation.
  • Process recorders and controllers, including electronic video graphic ("paperless") recorders.
For a copy of the brochure "Instrumentation for the pulp and paper industry" click here.

SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics