News | June 5, 2008

AbitibiBowater Introduces ECOPAQUE High-Whiteness UFS Substitute

Montreal - AbitibiBowater, the global market leader in uncoated freesheet (UFS) substitutes, is pleased to introduce ECOPAQUE, an innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly offset paper. ECOPAQUE is the first new product of the recently formed company.

ECOPAQUE is the breakthrough high whiteness UFS substitute developed for the commercial printing industry. UFS substitutes are specifically engineered mechanical fiber papers offering better opacity at lighter basis weights than uncoated freesheet. This paper is manufactured chlorine-free and delivers a CIE whiteness of 120.

An environmentally friendly product, this new paper uses 50% less wood fiber than freesheet at the equivalent basis weight. ECOPAQUE requires less virgin fiber than even a traditional freesheet containing up to 50% recycled content. The fiber used is harvested from sustainable woodlands that are certified to credible and globally recognized sustainable forest management (SFM) standards. ECOPAQUE's "green" production process uses hydroelectricity, which reduces the amount of fossil fuel used and lowers greenhouse gases by 75%.

"With 120 whiteness and a brightness of 90, ECOPAQUE is a true breakthrough for the printing industry," said Luc A. Ranger, AbitibiBowater Vice President, Commercial Printing Papers. "It's a win-win for our customers because they save money while helping the environment," added Ranger.

ECOPAQUE in brief:

  • Breakthrough high whiteness UFS substitute
  • Uses 50 percent less wood fiber than UFS
  • Totally chlorine-free
  • Offers 60 lb caliper and opacity in a 45 lb paper, thus delivering more linear feet of paper per ton than uncoated freesheet
  • Lighter weight helps consumers reduce overall paper and potentially mailing costs
  • Available in 42.5 lb, 45 lb and 50 lb
  • CIE whiteness/ISO brightness: 120/90

ECOPAQUE also provides significant cost savings for customers. Because this paper has the look and feel of a heavier basis weight UFS, a lower basis weight ECOPAQUE sheet can be used. For example, the 45 lb ECOPAQUE sheet has the opacity and caliper of a 60 lb premium

#1 opaque

offset. This means less paper by weight is needed to print the same amount of copies, resulting in a lower cost per page. Its lighter weight also offers the potential to reduce mailing costs or allow more to be included in the mailing within their postal class rate.

This paper is ideal for commercial printing jobs that traditionally use uncoated freesheet such as:

  • Direct mail
  • Forms
  • Financial printing
  • Inserts
  • Instruction manuals
  • Book publishing
  • Workbooks

Versatile and recyclable, AbitibiBowater printing papers represent a cost-effective solution for many communications applications. AbitibiBowater was the first to develop and market mechanical fiber papers as a substitute for UFS.

SOURCE: AbitibiBowater Inc.