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The Information Source for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Welcome to Pulp and Paper Online, the premier Internet source for new and timely information on the global pulp and paper industry and its allied businesses and paper converting operations.

Pulp and Paper Online's database is structured to serve the needs of technologists, production managers, business executives, mill and corporate managers, process and project engineers, chemists, chemical engineers, environmental engineers, technical directors, R&D scientists, process control specialists, maintenance supervisors, woodyard operators, quality control technologists, and marketing and business unit managers in the pulp and paper industry.

Daily news updates and business reports cover breaking developments in the merger/acquisition, grade sector pricing, capital spending, raw material supply and demand, legislative, transportation/logistics, and people activities areas of the industry. Comprehensive feature articles detail applications of the latest technologies in chemical and mechanical pulping, papermaking, stock preparation, recycling/de-inking, paper coating, chemical recovery, environmental control, process and information control, waste treatment, and finishing and converting.

Equipment and services typically described in Pulp and Paper Online include: batch and continuous digesters, refiners, pulp washers, oxygen delignification reactors, bleach plants, stock cleaners and screens, paper machines, fourdriniers, gap formers, press sections, coaters, dryer sections, size presses, winders, calenders, supercalenders, sheeters, corrugators, chemical recovery boilers, power boilers, evaporators, lime kilns concentrators, digital control systems, maintenance management systems, programmable controllers, sensors, chippers, chip storage and retrieval systems, and primary and secondary waste treatment clarifiers, sludge presses, and sedimentation/aeration lagoons. Some key chemicals and materials include sodium sulfate, sulfur, sodium sulfite, caustic soda, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, starch, latex, retention and drainage aids, paper machine clothing, wastepaper, chips, resins, market pulp, and conveyor belting.

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How it all began. . .Pulp and Paper Online was first launched by VertMarkets, Inc. in June 1998 with two lofty goals: First, to become the leading source for technology, operational, product management, and regulatory information for professionals in the pulp and paper and allied industries, and second, to create and foster conditions that allow and encourage specifiers and buyers of products and services in these industries, via the dynamic inter-activity of the Internet, to identify and communicate easily and rapidly with suppliers of these goods who advertise in Pulp and Paper Online.

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