Catalog | March 11, 2016

Catalog: Air, Gas, Liquid Flow Meters, Flow Switches and Level Switches

Source: Fluid Components International

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Fluid Components International solves flow and level measurement applications for industrial process and plant applications using both patented thermal dispersion and Coriolis flow measurement technologies. With more than 40 years experience and the world’s largest installed base of thermal dispersion instruments, you can count on FCI to know your application and have proven solutions that will save you time and expense. From off-the-shelf products to custom engineered products and systems, FCI has the selection and an unequalled record of innovations to supply the optimal product for your application. From single-point to multi-point flow meters, from basic air flow to complex mixed, variable flare gas compositions, from water to the harshest of chemicals, FCI products will deliver superior accuracy, repeatability and long-term reliability at the lowest installed cost.