All-Purpose Application Uses of Hoses of Teflon®

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Bowie, MD - No material offers the overall properties of Teflon®. As a hose, you can install it and forget it..! It never ages. Hoses of Teflon® have a wide range of high and low temperature capability and the pressure rating to go along with it.

The hose that transfers steam, feeds fuel to a jet engine, transfers ultra-pure materials has now been made more flexible by Coreflex.

Why not add some flexibility to an otherwise rigid system? It makes more sense to plumb with hoses of Teflon® from both a practical and economic view.

The enhanced flexibility of Coreflex B-COR, BX-COR and S-COR hose products speed the layout and installation time which ultimately reduces fabrication cost. Hose allows for offset without extra connections saving material and labor and reducing the number of connections. Flow rates through Teflon® are minutely affected…it remains almost ‘full flow' vs. plumbing that directs flow through numerous connective elbows or joints. Smooth, non-stick hoses of Teflon® can enhance flow rates and also help if cleaning operations are necessary. Hose will also help compensate for expansion and/or contraction.

Coreflex hoses of Teflon® are available with a wide variety of fittings designed so that you can ‘connect direct' to whatever equipment necessary, avoiding the need for extra adaptors, extra joints or added cost. All fittings are fully heat-lot material traceable and are marked as such. Coreflex part numbers are also stamped on the fitting. Sanitary fittings are machined from 316L material with ultra-smooth internal surface finishes and a fully chamfered design for assured ultra smooth clean-ability. Compression fittings are designed to be fully interchangeable with industry-standard designs.

Coreflex B-COR, BX-COR and S-COR hoses are available with numerous fitting styles including:

                        Compression                         Sanitary

                        37° Flare (JIC)                       Threaded

                        O-Ring                                  Face Seal

Whether you are applying a spray coating, conveying steam to a roll-dryer, extracting pure samples, plumbing an instrumentation panel, Coreflex hose of Teflon® can enhance your system and save you money, component and labor costs.

Hoses of Teflon® should last forever. In the meantime, you have potentially reduced labor costs of plumbing; potentially reduced the number of fittings/joints needed and enhanced the system in a number of ways.