Andersen's Audit Sampler Receives U.S. EPA Designation

Source: Andersen Instruments, Inc.
Andersen Instruments, Inc.ersen Instruments on Mar. 11 announced completing the designation for all three types of FRM (Federal Reference Method) Samplers. Andersen Instruments, Inc.ersen received U.S. EPA Designation (RFPS-0299-128) for the RAAS2.5-200 Portable Audit Sampler. The RAAS2.5-200 is configured as a PM2.5 reference method and operates with software (firmware) version 4B for 24-hr. continuous sample periods at a flow rate of 16.67 L/min. The designation applies for operation in accordance with the its operator's manual and with the requirements and sample collection filters specified in 40 CFR part 50, appendix L. The RAAS2.5-200 is a portable, stand-alone sampling system meeting the Federal Reference Method requirements for single filter PM2.5 sampling.

Along with the RAAS2.5-200 Audit Sampler, the Single Filter RAAS2.5-100 (RFPS-0598-119) and the Sequential Sampler RAAS2.5-300 (RFPS-0598-120) have US EPA Designation. Andersen Instruments, Inc.ersen contends that it currently is the only manufacturer awarded a U.S. EPA contract for all four required types of PM2.5 monitors. These include the three FRM types plus a filter pack style speciation monitor, which currently is being evaluated by EPA.

The company claims that preliminary data from RTI show good correlation between the FRM PM2.5 samplers and the PM2.5 channels in the Andersen Speciation Monitor. (Speciation sampling sites are Phoenix, AZ; Philadelphia, PA; RTP, NC; and Rubidoux, CA.)

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