News | June 8, 2017

Brazilian Pulp And Paper Exports Increase, French Pulp Production Rises

Greenwich, CT - While Brazilian domestic pulp consumption fell in March 2017, pulp exports surged almost 10 percent. Meanwhile, French pulp production output climbed 3 percent for the month, according to CW Research’s Paper and Pulp Country Market Data coverage available on

“Brazilian pulp producers exported 3.3 million tons of pulp, principally driven by Chinese and North American demand. Domestically, the story was the opposite and saw weakness,” according to Tea Vukicevic, Associate Analyst with CW Research.

Although one of the fastest-growing tissue markets in the world, Brazil’s year-on-year pulp consumption decreased by 8.3% from 1.5 million tons in the first three months in 2016 to 1.4 million tons this year. However, Brazilian pulp mills’ output increased 9.9 percent on a yearly basis, buoyed by exports. Shipments to foreign markets jumped 9.6% year-on-year principally on account of stronger demand from Asian markets.

In France, paper and cardboard production continued to slide through March. In the first three months of 2017, paper and carton production in France hit its peak in March, while last year's highest point for the same period was reached in January at 698,900 tons. Pulp producers saw an uptick in output during the first quarter of the year, up slightly year-on-year. Pulp production in France rose 3.1% month-on-month in March.