California Aqueduct Bypass

Source: Rain for Rent

Late on a Thursday evening, Rain for Rent's Bay Point branch received a call from DWR. The project coordinator with DWR needed help with a system that could pump and estimated 20 cfs. A section of the California Aqueduct had failed and needed immediate repair or the Alameda, Santa Clara, and Monterey Counties would run the risk of losing their water supply. DWR could not let this happen. To make repairs, a complete shutdown of the aqueduct was required.

The following day the DWR determined that Rain for Rent could supply just the system they needed. They escalated the project scope and decided to go ahead with a complete shutdown and repair of the aqueduct.

The projected pumping requirement of 20 cfs was increased to 120 cfs.

In only five days, through the efforts of the Bay Point, Stockton, and Bakersfield branches, Rain for Rent installed a system that was the perfect solution for DWR. The system consisted of 9000 feet of 12" aluminum pipe, ten 12" pumps, two 14" pumps and "Godzilla" the pump which for this project (by itself) moved over 14000 GPM against 80 feet of head. Total flow was 54,000 GPM.

Rain for Rent monitored this system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for exactly one month. A total of 2.3 billion gallons were pumped.