City of Tucson, Arizona, Sewer Bypass

Source: Rain for Rent

This is the Pima County, City of Tucson bypass project. Over 104,000 ft of HDPE pipe were fused and sewage will be pumped for 6 months as the city repairs its major sewer intercept line.


On September 7, 2002 Pima County had sewer line failures resulting in spillage into the streets of Tucson. Rain for Rent was called to set up emergency bypass pumping systems to divert the flow. Once the emergency was under control, Pima decided to set up a bypass around the affected area.

The request for bid was received September 19th with a due date of the following Monday. Upon award, Rain for Rent began to mobilize people and equipment immediately. Project management arrived on site on the 26th and pipe started arriving on the 30th. One week from bid due date equipment was on site and pipeline construction began.

The system is designed to pump up to 38 million gallons per day over a five mile distance. With numerous environmental and safety concerns, Rain for Rent completed the construction with zero incidents.

Flow Management:

The project consists of four (4) separate pump groupings, each discharging into its own discharge line. Three (3) of these groups pull out of the Special Chamber between the I10 frontage road and the Santa Cruz River and one (1) pulls from the manhole just to the northeast of the chamber.

Two (2) of these groupings (type A) are identical and consist of three (3), DV300s (view pump curve). One (1) of the pumps from each type A group handles all primary flows up to approximately 4.9 MGD.

The other two (2) pump groupings (type B) are identical to each other and consist of one (1) DV350 (view pump curve) and two (2), DV300s. The two (2) DV300s from each of these groups may be used to handle very low, off peak flows but are intended as 100% backup to the DV350. The DV 350s each handle up to 7.4 MGD for typical peak daily flows.