Company Profile | January 1, 1996

cleaners, engineering, filters, screens, washers, deaerators

Source: GL&V Pulp and Paper Group
cleaners, engineering, filters, screens, washers, deaerators Founded in 1975 by Laurent Verreault, Louis Laperrière and later joined by Jean Desbiens, GL&V has rapidly become one of the largest companies specializing in the design and manufacture of engineered proprietary equipment for the pulp and paper, mining, environment and other industries.

From its humble beginnings, GL&V took little more than 10 years to reach a size sufficient to attract public financing. In 1986, the Company successfully made its initial public offering. This access to the financial markets allowed GL&V to accelerate its growth rate.

GL&V became one of the major players in large-scale industrial projects requiring engineering and turnkey management capabilities. It also became one of the few equipment designers and manufacturers offering such an extensive line of products intended for a diversified client base.