Cryogenic Processing and Selective Heat Tempering Service

Source: Johnson Packings & Industrial Products, Inc.
The cryogenic process utilizes dry nitrogen gas to cool a holding chamber down to below -300° F
The cryogenic process utilizes dry nitrogen gas to cool a holding chamber down to below -300° F. At this extreme level of cold, the molecular structure of materials being treated is altered, increasing their durability. The soft austenite is completely converted to the harder martensite. After this processing, selected materials are triple-tempered for further enhancement. Johnson Packings guarantees that the wear life of your treated part will be extended. If you are not satisfied, we will fully refund your money or give you credit.

  • Increases resistance to abrasive wear
  • Requires only one permanent treatment
  • Changes the entire grain structure of the metal, not just the surface
  • Refinishing and regrinding do not affect permanent improvements
  • Decreases residual stresses in tool steel
  • Increases tensile strength, toughness and stability
  • Relaxes internal stresses
  • Makes treated material more ductile and less brittle

Documented Performance:

  • From a paper converter in Agawam, Massachusetts: M-2 Lenox knives that were lasting 70 production hours are now lasting 240 production hours after cryogenic processing.
  • From a paper mill in Glens Falls, New York: ductile iron pumper impeller that was lasting 6-7 months without processing lasts 14 months with processing.
  • From a chemical plant in Springfield, Massachusetts: processing of high-speed steel twist drills has increased their life by 300%.
  • From a chemical plant in Waterford, New York: O-1 granulator blades that previously lasted for 100 runs last for 120 runs with processing.
  • From a metal fabricator in Holyoke, Massachusetts: M-2 tool steel punch dies that needed resharpening after 12,000 hits are, with processing, still like new after 24,000 hits.

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