DNT High Speed Washer/Thickener

Source: Kadant Black Clawson Inc.

DNT High Speed Washer/Thickener
The DNT Washer can wash and thicken stock up to 15% consistency.
The DNT Washer can wash and thicken stock up to 15% consistency. It is ideal for removing ink, ash and other contaminants from a variety of furnishes. High speed dewatering permits efficient removal of ink and ash from fiber, producing high tonnages of thoroughly washed stock in a compact space. The unit is cantilevered to use an endless wire, and is available in two sizes- the model 100 and 200.

The washer is supplied with an integral strain gauge and readout for wire tensioning.

An optional electro-mechanical roll guiding mechanism is available for mechanized roll trimming, or for use with wires no having V-guides.

The washer is fed by a headbox, using synthetic wire as a dewatering medium. Stock is fed from the headbox into the first nip formed by a deeply grooved breast roll and the wire, resulting in high feed stock capacity and efficient washing. The stock is deposited on the wire and dewatered around the breast roll, traveling to the couch roll, where it is dewatered a second time to produce highly washed and thickened stock up to 15% consistency/ A doctor blade removes the thickened stock from the couch roll into a screw conveyor, which discharges the stock from the washer.


  • Compact- high tonnage in a small space
  • Improved design- efficient washing at high basis weights
  • Simple roll pattern- easy wire change
  • Completely enclosed- cleaner and quieter operation
  • Simple wire tracking and tension design
  • No vacuum leg- reduced installation cost


  • News-to-news washing
  • Ledger-to-tissue washing
  • Ledger-to-fine paper washing
  • Thickening
  • Fractionation

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