Case Study

Measuring Irregular Flow Intervals Of Cooling Tower Blowdown Water

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

The accurate measurement of cooling tower blowdown water flowing at irregular intervals prior to reinjection into a caprock well became a stubborn problem for Covanta Energy Corp at the Honolulu H-POWER Facility on the island of Oahu, HI. The irregular flow intervals created foam and bubbles in the line, which required a next-generation flow meter solution.

Jeff Vaughan, chief engineer, said, “The FPI Mag Flow Meter from McCrometer solved our problem and performs as advertised. I watched the FPI video and showed it to the installer. There was no need to shut down the line (and the whole plant) for a ten-minute meter job.”

According to Vaughan, the accurate measurement of the cooling tower blowdown water before reinjection into the facility’s caprock well is essential to remain within the 2 million gallon per day permit held by the facility. “We have to remain within our permit requirement, and our typical water flow rate is slightly less than that amount.”