Datasheet | March 29, 2010

Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler

Source: Emerson

The Hagan Model 503 Sample Cooler is an efficient counterflow heat exchanger designed for cooling high temperature, high pressure fluid samples such as boiler water, steam, feedwater and hot chemical solutions for tests at atmospheric pressure and temperature.


  • Rugged Construction: All-welded design results in long, trouble-free operation. Corrosion Resistant: Inconel coil and shell permit corrosion-free service even with salt water coolant.
  • Internal Cooling Baffle: The internal baffle is arranged for maximum rate of heat transfer and low coolant pressure loss.
  • Convenient Installation: Terminal connections are marked plainly to show cooling water and sample inlet and outlet connections. The permanently attached nameplate displays direction of flow and piping orientation.
  • Ease of Mounting: Both screwed-end and welded-end designs are mounted by means of two convenient brackets. These are also suitable for mounting in the piping.