News | November 17, 2022

Hemp Innovations Foundation Awards First Hemp Grant

National Hemp Association’s sister organization funds Hemp Paper Recycling Project

Washington, DC (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Hemp Innovations Foundation a 501(C)3 non-profit has funded a research project called Hemp Recycles. This research will pursue recyclability testing of hemp fibers used for paper making. The goal is to collect data that will determine potential long-term environmental impacts of using hemp-based paper rather than relying on wood fiber papers that perpetuate practices leading to deforestation and disruption of ecosystems.

It is often repeated that Hemp Paper can be recycled up to 8 times, compared to just 3 times for paper made from wood pulp. But is that actually true? We are going to find out.

The research will be conducted with a collaboration with Western Michigan University (WMU) through their pilot recycling program. The lead consultant and Director of WMU’s Paper Pilot Plants, Lon Pschigoda, will conduct the most effective studies to determine the viability of hemp fiber paper pulp versus the traditional wood paper pulp most commonly used today.

Various wood pulps will be tested in terms of the number of cycles they can withstand and a parallel series of tests will be done with hemp pulp provided by Hemp Press. The final results of this research will provide us with scientific data regarding the durability of hemp fiber pulp for paper and the implications of its recyclability on the environment at large.

The proposed study will provide quantifiable data which will be made widely available and will demonstrate the advantages of preserving the tree canopy to combat climate change while producing a paper product that is more robust, sequesters carbon, is less expensive, and can be recycled more times than tree-based paper.

“This research is the culmination of more than a decade of hemp paper innovation at Hemp Press. Our aim is to establish hemp as the preeminent alternative fiber needed to protect and preserve the most effective and widely distributed carbon capture device on Earth, our Ancient and Endangered Forests.” said Matthew Glyer, Founder and CEO of Hemp Press and Executive Director of the Hemp Recycles Project at Root Research Foundation.

“This is an exciting and timely investigation into the potential benefits of an alternate fiber source (hemp). We are honored to be the chosen technical partner for this study and very much look forward to the execution of the study as well the sharing of the results. Non-wood pulps are continuing to grow in popularity, but there is still much we can better understand.” said Lon Pschigoda, Director of WMU’s Paper Pilot Plants.

“The NHA and HIF truly believe this type of research that separates fact from fiction is exactly what the industry needs. Hemp for paper products holds so much potential and this research will provide long-term benefits well beyond the life of the project.”, said Erica Stark, Executive Director of National Hemp Association and Hemp Innovations Foundation.

The ultimate goal of the project is to demonstrate the practicality and sustainability of non-wood hemp fiber paper as an alternative to wood fiber paper, and to establish regional hemp fiber and pulp supply chains with local farmers, thereby invigorating the domestic economy from field to sheet.

About the Hemp Innovations Foundation/National Hemp Association:
HIF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to growing the hemp industry through Education and Research. Your tax-deductible donations make the work at HIF possible. All proceeds go towards funding new educational resources, research and our offering of innovation grants.

NHA a 501(c)6 non-profit organization rooted in the knowledge that hemp can provide a wide range of opportunities, from field to factory, and has a global Total Addressable Market (TAM) of 15 trillion dollars. Hemp has an important role to play in creating a better and more sustainable future and for hemp to reach its potential, we advocate for sensible public policy and regulation. We are also facilitators in building reliable supply chains by seeking out others we can work with to further our mutual objectives as well as connecting people and businesses to help them reach their individual and collective goals.

NHA is a Grass Roots Advocacy organization celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2023!

About Hemp Recycles/Hemp Press:
Hemp Recycles proposes that Hemp is not only more renewable than tree fibers but also able to be recycled more times. Our recycling symbols can be found on print and packaging the world over, we are supported by thousands of brands both local and global. Our organization is dedicated to scientific research required to develop claims about hemp fibers used for paper and the authentication and certification of papers made of hemp fiber to protect consumers from deceptive marketing practices that surround “hemp paper”.

Hemp Press broke ground in 2012, establishing itself as the world's first paper and print company dedicated solely to alternative fiber papers made of hemp. First to market with a commercial grade printing paper made of 50% or more hemp fibers. Our American Made papers have been distributed worldwide and are manufactured with Green-e Renewable Energy, ISO 14000, Forest Stewardship Council, and VCSP Carbon Neutral Certifications and have had their fiber content certified by Hemp Recycles. Hemp Press papers and pulp are the foundation of the Hemp Recycles research project. &

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