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High-Quality Folding Box Contributes To Boost Product Sales- Free Unlimited Options Offered By Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd (here short for SCP) offers a huge variety of packing options, helping marketers attract more customers

Shanghai (PRWEB) - When distributing products for market sale, the packing process is an important step. How to design a paper box, where to buy paper boxes and when will they be delivered - These 3 questions may drive an inexperienced person crazy. Paper boxes provide the minimum internal packing requirements and will come in direct contact with the product. The design and printing will influence how long a customer may be attracted by the product.

Studies show that people spend, on average, with 30% more time looking at products with nice packaging boxes, when compared with products that have standard/unattractive packaging.

“The truth is that when you a precise marketing strategy in mind, the product will hit the markets on time. Otherwise, you will spend much more money and time finding the right packing.” Said by Jerome Zheng, Packaging Designer of SCP.

Now it’s time to explain some basics about custom paper boxes.

Unlimited Box Styles
To draw a conclusion, below are some paper box styles.

Tuck End Paper Boxes 

  • Used in daily product packaging, such as toothpaste box, tea bag packaging box, candle packaging box, and so on.

Gable Top Paper Boxes 

  • Used for gift packaging, essential oil paper box, and takeaway industry.

Auto Lock Bottom Paper Boxes 

  • Widely used in light-weight product packaging. For example, Tonic Product Packaging Box.

Snap Bottom Paper Boxes 

  • To pack products which weigh no more than 800 grams. Can be used as Bluetooth earphone box, essential oil box, and snack packaging box.

Mailer Style Paper Box 

  • Used as balloon packaging box, business card packaging box, credit card packaging box, and tampons packaging box.

Box With Hang Tab 

  • Used in the Supermarket packaging industry, which needs to hang on shelves, floor display box with hooks. It is suitable for any kinds of products, even a pair of gloves.

Click to learn more about custom folding cartons & paper boxes

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd is an experienced paper box & folding carton manufacturer, located in Shanghai of China. The company provides a high degree of box customization, meeting numerous box packing requirements. As long as the company owner or designer has a real product sample in hand, SCP will offer suitable paper box packaging ideas.

By telling them product size, product weight, and purpose of packaging, the client will get a packaging solution idea. Moreover, for designers, their website contains 1000+ free box die-line template, free to download with a simple click.

Unlimited Printing Options

After making sure how the packaging box is being structured, the next step is to think about printing. To make the box more impressive, consider applying a printing finish. Below are some basic printing options:

Offset Printing 

  • The most common printing method on coated paper, CMYK + Pantone printing available, up to 7 colors.

Flexo Printing 

  • Economical printing method applied on the plain uncoated paper surface (Kraft paper). Up to 5 colors.

UV Varnish 

  • Makes a small area shinier than other areas, or full box shiny.


  • By glossy plastic film lamination or glossy oil varnish, to makes the box looks glossy. Lamination also enables the box to become water-proof.


  • By matt plastic film lamination or matt oil varnish, makes the box looks matt.

Hot Foil Stamping 

  • Always to be gold color foil stamping, more impressive than normal color printing.


  • Embossing is an artistic technique which creates a pattern on a box.

Those printing options are suitable for different package purposes and anyone can learn more details by visiting SCP website

Worried about artwork design and box layout?

No worries, contact SCP (Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd) for a free service, they help laying the artwork onto box die-line.

By selecting a nice printing & box style, any inexperienced marketer or designer will have a chance to get a really appealing packing box.

Worldwide Delivery For Paper Boxes & Folding Cartons

The customs clearance process and purchase costs can be quite high. But now, purchasing boxes in bulk is easier than ever before. With SCP, the only thing need to do is just to pay the bill and wait the boxes arrive at the requested destination. SCP handles the rest. After the production is finished, the boxes are carefully packed on pallets or into cartons, go to their destination by ship or by air.

In need of fast delivery? Don’t be scared, SCP offers a short delivery time, in less than 5 days.

In 2019, SCP plans to improve the production of shelf ready paper boxes, to make them easier to be perforated. Same as Car Perfume Packaging Box.

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