Case Study

Innovative FPI Mag® - Full Profile Insertion Mag Meter - Improves City Water Operations Management

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

By Jerry Stultz, Applications Engineer, McCrometer and Curt Worlund, Vertical Marketing Manager, McCrometer

The City of Geneva, Ohio, resides in Ashtabula County, east of Cleveland, along Lake Erie. Founded in 1816, this picturesque city is now home to 7,000 residents. The City of Geneva Water Works Department is responsible for managing the city’s 350,000 gallons per day drinking water operation.

The City of Geneva’s water distribution system has a unique history and structure. Ashtabula County bought its water system from a private utility in 2003, which includes booster stations and storage facilities, but no treatment plants. The county purchases finished water from the private utility’s treatment plant. The City of Geneva bought its water system in 2004, which is a distribution network connected within the county system. This system had no bulk metering to measure the city’s actual consumption. The city has been billed by Ashtabula County according to an agreed formula that apportions an amount of the overall county consumption to the city.