News | March 5, 2024

Klabin Chooses WEG To Supply An IoT Solution For Asset Management Of A Paper Machine

The solution will monitor assets in an environment with temperatures exceeding 100°C, constant presence of steam, and continuous speed variation

WEG, internationally recognized for its expertise in electrical solutions and industrial automation, is supplying Klabin, Brazil's largest producer and exporter of sustainable paper and packaging solutions, with intelligent WEGscan sensors, and asset management software WEG Motion Fleet Management (MFM).

The solution will ensure an increase in the reliability of paper machines for managing rotating assets that meet customer demands. The major challenge is to monitor equipment in an environment with temperatures exceeding 100°C, a constant presence of steam, and continuous speed variation.

This supply confirms WEG's experience in the pulp and paper industry, as WEG's IoT solution (WEGscan and WEG Motion Fleet Management) has been extensively tested and approved by Klabin, highlighting the robustness and efficiency of the solution in the application. One of the main differentiators was the use of WEGscan in the paper drying phase, an environment with high temperature and humidity. Another differentiator is the ability to perform instant vibration analysis, as the monitored environments are in a hard-to-reach area, making it difficult for an inspector to take local measurements.

This significant project between Klabin and WEG represents a milestone in technological innovation, demonstrating the companies' ability to tackle complex challenges and provide effective solutions.

Benefits of WEG Motion Fleet Management:

  1. Process Optimization: Integration of state-of-the-art sensors will provide online monitoring, allowing early identification of potential failures and optimization of production processes in the paper machine.
  2. Reduction of Operating Costs: By anticipating maintenance and minimizing downtime, the company will reduce operating costs, increasing efficiency, especially in the context of paper production.
  3. Extension of Asset Lifespan: Through WEG's asset management solution, Klabin can optimize and increase TCO by preventing failures in the plant.
  4. Improvement in Maintenance Planning: With WEG Motion Fleet Management, maintenance teams can plan the best routes and services in the plant.

Predictive maintenance, based on temperature, vibration, and operating hours data, will allow Klabin to anticipate potential equipment failures, significantly reducing unplanned downtime. Additionally, operational efficiency will be improved, resulting in a positive impact on productivity and company results.

This achievement not only met but exceeded Klabin's expectations for the Correa Pinto Unit in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, strengthening the partnership and solidifying WEG's reputation as a leader in innovative digital solutions for asset monitoring. Reduce unplanned downtime, increase reliability and availability through asset condition monitoring with WEG Motion Fleet Management, WEG's asset management solution developed for companies that demand a high standard of maintenance, capable of increasing revenue and efficiency.

Source: WEG