News | October 4, 2023

Mondi Makes Mulching More Sustainable With Cotesi, Replacing Unnecessary Plastic With Paper

  • Mondi and Cotesi have collaborated to deliver compostable crop protection made from 100% kraft paper
  • Advantage Kraft Mulch is a paper alternative to plastic mulching film commonly used to protect plants from birds and weather impacts
  • The mulching paper decomposes after serving its purpose as ground cover, leaving no residues

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, is helping farmers grow their crops, having partnered with Cotesi, a producer of twine, nets and ropes made from synthetic and natural raw materials for the agricultural sector, to replace conventional plastic mulch film with a paper solution, Advantage Kraft Mulch.

Mulching films protect crops from birds, weeds, soil erosion, sun and heavy rain. These films are traditionally made from plastic, rolled out during planting and then removed and disposed of at harvest. Mondi’s Advantage Kraft Mulch provides a sustainable paper alternative: the solution is made from 100% kraft paper, created from responsibly sourced wood, with no plastic or coating. Advantage Kraft Mulch is an industrially compostable paper solution certified according to DIN EN 13432 and provides a comparable level of protection as plastic mulch film.

Field trials currently underway are promising: the kraft paper remains strong, inhibiting weed growth, and is expected to decompose after the harvesting season is finished. After harvest, the mulch paper needs to be covered with soil to start the decomposition process, which leaves no visible traces. Advantage Kraft Mulch adds organic matter to the soil while eliminating the need for disposal or recycling - reducing time, waste and cost.

The paper solution is ideal for greenhouse applications as well as outdoor agricultural use, being easily fixed to the ground using wooden clips, before adding a slit or hole to allow healthy plant growth.

"Advantage Kraft Mulch is easy and convenient to apply, by simply fixing it to the ground with small clips. The crop growth and quality highly depend on protecting the plants from the beginning and providing a rich environment, so farmers are really dedicated to protecting their nutritious soil in the long run. The Mondi team were hugely invested in this project and by working closely together we have shown that farming and agriculture can be done more sustainably." Rui Marques, Manager Industry and Agrotextiles Division, Cotesi

Lasse Berglund, Business Development Manager Kraft Paper, Mondi says: “Advantage Kraft Mulch eliminates unnecessary plastic in agriculture and farming and benefits the environment as the product adds organic matter to the soil and requires no infrastructure for disposal or recycling. It has been a pleasure to work with Cotesi in the development and application of this product, which is groundbreaking for the global agriculture industry.”

Source: Mondi