News | November 10, 2021

Mondi Steti PM 1 Project Ecovantage

New Special Kraft Paper Machine For Carrier Bags

Mondi started up its new paper machine for speciality kraft paper at its paper mill in Štéti in the Czech Republic. The company now possesses the first European paper machine for the production of brown speciality kraft paper from fresh and recycled fibres for carrier bags in retail and online trade. The investment totals 67 million euros resulting in a paper machine that will produce up to 130,000 tonnes of special kraft paper annually.

Mondi is a leading global packaging and paper company that contributes to a better world through consciously sustainable, innovative packaging and paper solutions. The company operates along the entire value chain – from the management of forests to the production of pulp, paper and plastic films to the development and production of efficient industrial and consumer goods packaging. In 2020, Mondi achieved a turnover of 6.66 billion euros and an adjusted EBITDA of 1.35 billion euros. Thanks to the investment, the company now owns the first European paper machine for the production of speciality kraft papers from virgin and recycled fibres for carrier bags in retail and online trade. With an annual production of 130,000 tonnes of speciality kraft paper, Mondi has the largest range of consumer carrier bags in Europe.

Mondi, which previously made brown paper grades made from virgin fibres only, can now produce carrier bags for a wide range of applications, from fashion boutiques to online grocery and home delivery, made from recycled fibres.

The EcoVantage paper produced on the new machine is two-ply and made from recycled and sustainably sourced virgin fibres. It is fully recyclable.

The European market for speciality kraft paper is expected to grow. This development is driven by legislation to avoid plastic waste from plastic carrier bags and the desire of end consumers to avoid plastic carrier bags.

Kalle Taari, Head of Strategy & Product Management Kraft Paper at Mondi, explains: „We want to offer processors and brand owners sustainable, fully recyclable paper-based products for their retail and online packaging. Papers produced on this machine can be used to make recycled fibre-based products that have a natural look, excellent printability and high strength. All these features are required for consumer carrier bags. We are already looking forward to launching various options from our EcoVantage range during 2021.“

Technical data / raw materials
The EcoVantage range can be produced with predominantly fresh fibre-based raw materials, but also offers the option of fibre blends from up to 100% pre- and post- consumer waste. The best blend of fresh and recycled fibres can be chosen to give the bags the strength needed for food and fashion items.
The fibres are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

A Complete Turboline For Mondi Steti
Headbox TurboJetter

Extensive rebuild work was part of the joint project. Bellmer was chosen for the rebuild in Steti, especially because Mondi had already experienced good results with a Bellmer headbox on PM 1.

A new TurboJetter headbox for the Printline now lays the foundation for excellent paper quality. The existing headbox was moved to the baseline. The hydraulic headbox TurboJetter with its lamellas ensures top quality in paper and board production. Its step diffusers were developed to provide special turbulent shear forces, which deflocculates the stock suspension for excellent sheet formation. Depending on the application, our experts optimally adapt the headbox to the production requirements and paper grades.

Press section / shoepress TurboPress
The new press section was equipped with a TriNip TurboPress to achieve the highest dry contents for energy-efficient production. With the TurboPress, the highest dry contents can be achieved while at the same time conserving machine floor area. It ensures a gentle but very effective pressing process with minimum stress on the base paper.