White Paper

White Paper: New Innovative Process Enhancement for H2S Scrubbers

Source: Q2 Technologies, LLC

Q2 Technologies and its subsidiary Scrubber Solutions have developed a new "Process" for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal in wet scrubbers that replaces older, difficult to control, caustic and bleach programs. The new process is self- contained and is a non-mechanical chemical system which senses, controls and records H2S levels. The new process transfers the new chemical, Scrub-IT, into the fresh water make-up system virtually hands free.

The new process chemical is water based and soluble. Whereas older caustic and bleach programs relied upon pH adjustment, the new process provides an instant reaction upon contact at normal pHs. The by-product is a strongly, covalently bonded sulfur molecule. Scrubber packing does not suffer the high scaling that is prevalent with other programs. The new process is effective on high and low loading H2S levels. There are two keys to the new process: a computer driven controlling and sensing mechanism and a revolutionary Scrub-IT organic molecule.

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