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Stora Newton Kyle, a leading manufacturer of quality board for the food industry, has increased production at their mill in North Yorkshire, England by up to 10% with the
Stora Newton Kyle, a leading manufacturer of quality board for the food industry, has increased production at their mill in North Yorkshire, England by up to 10% with the introduction of a new steam system. The innovative solution, designed and installed by Johnson Systems International, also minimized downtime during installation.

Johnson Systems International, a division of The Johnson Corporation headquartered in Three Rivers, MI, designed and installed a unique modular steam system for the paper dryers and MG cylinder.

The mill produces a range of food quality board in a number of weights, from 220 gsm to 375 gsm (130 to 220 lbs/3,000 sq. ft) up to 36,000 tons per year. The machine operates from 80 to 130 meters per minute (260 to 430 fpm), depending on the grade being manufactured. Johnson was asked to create a steam system which would maximize production without consuming any more steam than the original system.

"For Stora, we developed and built a series of ‘plug and play' modular packages which slotted directly into the dryer cylinders and MG with the minimum of fuss," said Bob Walker, Engineering Manager at Johnson Systems International.

"The packaged blowthrough drainage system incorporating thermocompressor technology was constructed in our own manufacturing facility and transported to Stora's mill in Boston Spa. Once there, we simply had to connect the piping. The reduction in downtime compared to a normal steam system rebuild was considerable."

The modular units are situated outside the dryer hood at the Stora mill, enabling the mill's engineers to access the steam system, read the gauges and service the units. This has also eliminated heat damage to the control valve actuators, which had previously been a problem.

"Johnson joints have been on the machine since it was commissioned in 1962", said Bill Pollock, Stora Newton Kyle's Chief Engineer. "As leaders in the field, and because of our long and successful relationship with them, it was only natural to ask Johnson to develop the new steam system for us.

"The modular solution they created has tremendous benefits. Installation was quick and simple and, once in place, it has proven to be easy to understand and work on. We can check the motive, suction and discharge gauges at a glance without needing to face the heat of the hood enclosure."

The first stage of the project was to install a new vacuum condensate removal unit, which took place during the Christmas 1997 shutdown. The second stage took place during the Spring 1998 shutdown. The old steam trap system was removed and replaced by the Johnson thermocompressor-based stationary syphon modular solution.

"The job was completed in less than the allocated time, thanks to the faster installation parameters of the modular package," Mr. Walker said. "Once Johnson engineers finished the commissioning, the quality and effectiveness of the new steam system was immediately apparent as the machine recorded production increases of 10%. Not only did we develop and install an effective steam system more quickly and less disruption, but we also created an extremely cost-effective and more efficient solution."

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