News | February 27, 2020

New Turbopress And Turbowinder For The Papermachine Of L-Pack

Success for the rebuilt paper machine at L-Pack

L-Pack put its PM2 into operation almost a year ago. The project started with the purchasing of a second hand machine from The Netherlands. The machine was rebuilt at the customer’s site in Russia and revamped with new equipment. Bellmer was one of the main suppliers – rebuilding the press section with a new TurboPress shoe press and installing a new TurboWinder.

The original press section, as well as the rest of the production line, was designed for the production of writing and printing paper, which was not suitable for the new target grade. This is why almost every part of this paper machine was modified. Now the company L-Pack produces Testliner and Fluting in the range of 90-140 gsm.

Bellmer has supplied a new Trinip press section with a TurboPress shoe press. The shoe module with a ceramic central roll allows an operation at maximum line load of 1.300 kN/m. The original winder could not be reused in the new configuration of the paper machine. Bellmer GapCon was chosen to supply a new TurboWinder for a maximum speed of 2.500 m/min. Furthermore, TurboWinder was equipped with automatic functions like roll set change, roll start and end gluing, core feeding, web cutting and vibration control.

Source: BELLMER GmbH