News | March 22, 2017

Paper Shredding Provider, PROSHRED, Adds State-Of-The-Art Machine To Its Raleigh Location

With the addition of Plant-Based Shredding services, PROSHRED® Raleigh is set to offer advanced destruction technology for new and existing customers.

RALEIGH, NC (PRWEB) Towering over their facility with more than 9 tons of heavy steel equipment, PROSHRED® has just unveiled a new service at its North Carolina facility: plant-based shredding. With heavy-duty machinery that’s capable of shredding 1.3 million sheets of paper per hour, the company is adding the industry’s most powerful tool to its arsenal, hoping to offer a higher standard in efficiency and performance.

Nicknamed “The Beast,” the plant-based shredding system is an all-in-one document destruction device. Operated by licensed security personnel, discarded materials are unloaded into the machine and promptly destroyed in a matter of seconds. Because of the machine’s size and power, it can also be used to process a wide range of materials in addition to paper, like electronics and fabric. This means that customers have a versatile, one-stop solution for their shredding needs, rather than having to contract multiple services at once.

At their Raleigh, North Carolina location, PROSHRED® offers document destruction services. While many businesses have their own office shredders, the company’s goal is to offer document shredding that’s faster, cheaper, and more secure than the alternative. From credit card invoices to internal communications, private materials need to be discarded responsibly instead of being thrown in the trash. When businesses have too much paperwork to be shredded by hand, they contact an organization like PROSHRED® to handle the job in a fraction of the time.

Why Document Security Matters

Identity theft affects more than 15 million Americans each year and that number continues to grow. North Carolina consistently ranks in the bottom half of US states in fraud prevention, so it should be a priority of every business and homeowner to safeguard their print data. While many of us are quick to add antivirus protection to our computers, it is often easy overlook the importance of basic document security. In fact, a huge portion of identity theft cases are a result of stolen documents, either removed from sources like filing cabinets or trash cans.

Every business should incorporate risk management strategies into their daily operations. Unfortunately though, we still find thousands of medical offices, banks, and other organizations running into legal trouble every year following a widespread data breach. Engaging in routine document shredding is part of a comprehensive security plan that every business should maintain. With high-quality paper shredding, organizations can take steps to ensure that print records are guarded just as well as electronic ones.

While at-home shredders are a good fit for low-volume use, many customers need an option that is both more secure and more efficient. Many standard office shredders use outdated technology to destroy paperwork, while high-end commercial shredders use advanced cross-cutting features. These added security components are a worthwhile investment from an efficiency and risk management perspective.

Plant-Based Shredding Information

Announced in 2017, the company is now extending this service to customers throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. Because the plant-based shredding facility is located off-site, customers can choose the delivery or pickup option that works best for them. Best of all, the service is complete with a 100% security guarantee. The entire process is monitored by a 24/7 recording system, with mounted cameras even located inside the shredder itself to ensure every piece of paper is processed.

Because PROSHRED® believes in environmental responsibility, the team has partnered with local waste management organizations to recycle their discarded materials. For more information about plant-based shredding services, visit PROSHRED® Raleigh.


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