News | January 9, 2009

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd RAVEN 3800 Series Mixer Drive Tackles Tough Tasks In Water And Wastewater Industry

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Ltd, the world leader in process mixing technology, introduces RAVEN 3800 series mixer drives, designed specifically for mixing heavy-duty concentrations of water and wastewater.

Engineered for maximum durability, the RAVEN mixer drive provides superior efficiency when mixing large solid concentrations in caustic and corrosive environments. These environments include high temperatures, harsh weather, and fluctuating loads. Its features include a cast-iron housing with open tank mounting configurations; input and intermediate shaft designs for reduced deflections; and C-Face motors with piloted motor adapters to eliminate shimming at installation. The RAVEN mixer drive also features dry wells and special end covers to minimize leaks and reduce environmental risk.

In addition, the RAVEN 3800 series is available in double and triple reductions from 4:1 to 130:1 overall gear ratios to accommodate various requirements. Its drive-sleeve design allows for maximum output shaft and material configurations.

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SOURCE: Philadelphia Mixing Solutions