News | January 23, 2018

PINpoint Releases Real-Time Performance Dashboards For Manufacturing Quality And Efficiency Optimization

Toronto, /PRNewswire/ - PINpoint Information Systems, Inc., a leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software developer, today announced the release of its Version 5.1.1 (V5) MES and ANDON product's manufacturing performance dashboards. Their V5 MES and V5 ANDON software now features two (2) separate real-time reporting apps, i.e. a business and manufacturing intelligence dashboard for over-all plant performance monitoring and reporting for plant or engineering managers; and a corresponding plant floor or work station level dashboard screen for assembly line workers and area supervisors to track their progress.

"PINpoint V5 is distinguished by its' at-a-glance manufacturing performance dashboards," said Rob MacMillan, President of PINpoint Information Systems. "Real-time reporting empowers manufacturers to actually know how they are doing, whether they will be able to make rate by the end of the day, and what actions to take if they are trending downward."

Combined, the dashboards afford manufacturers unprecedented transparency into understanding their unique manufacturing operations. The manufacturer receives valuable insight into how they are really performing right now, including live Over-all Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data visualization. By simply opening a website on any device, manufacturing stakeholders can instantly see how their assembly line is performing at any given moment right to the second of cycle time. For example, the factory's manufacturing engineer is empowered and motivated first thing in the morning when she/he knows whether they are going to meet their production goal by the end of the day.

Easy to understand data visualization is displayed to assembly line workers on V5 SmartScreens (see Figure 1. dashboard). Plant managers or manufacturing engineers can access the plant over-view dashboard (see Figure 2.) from the cloud on any computer or wireless device. The dashboards provide decision makers with vital information needed to act upon the information quickly. Trends in the data are visualized and understood without difficulty given the intuitive nature of how the information is presented or animated on the websites/screens.

PINpoint V5 software makes the transition from manual data interpretation, or paper based process manufacturing to paperless manufacturing simple with a turn-key product that is ready-to-go right out-of-the-box. The new V5 performance dashboards empower the manufacturer with knowledge, or the truth about how their assembly line is really running. Step one is to identify that the problem exists in the first place (you do not know what you do not know). PINpoint V5 performance dashboards enable manufacturers to quickly identify the production line bottlenecks that are compromising product quality and process efficiency, so they can fix the problem quickly in turn.


PINpoint V5 software is meticulously designed and tested to 'Information Technology Infrastructure Library' (ITIL) standards before any official version release. Thoroughly proven the software is in use daily around the World in multiple languages by leading manufacturers.

Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry internationally from their offices in Canada, the United States, and China. 


SOURCE: PINpoint Information Systems Inc.

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