Plant Vibration Solutions Training Course

Source: Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
Structural Integrity is offering a course on Plant Vibration Solutions March 22-24, 2000 in San Diego, CA
Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.Integrity is offering a course on Plant Vibration Solutions March 22-24, 2000 in San Diego, CA. In the past 1 ½ years the course has been taught to nearly 140 engineers and technicians from approximately 20 companies including utilities, petro-chemical and research and development centers.

Failures of piping and Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.components due to vibration are a major cause of plant shutdown. Determining the root cause of the vibration requires a practical understanding of vibration theory, dynamic stress analysis, test design, instrumentation and data analysis/interpretation.

Modification to repair the problem is greatly enhanced through the combined use of finite element analysis with in-situ test data.

This three-day course covers all aspects of vibration from theory to hands-on data acquisition and analysis with the latest in PC-based data acquisition and analysis equipment. The course will include review of many current plant vibration problems and their solutions including the most
recent solutions to small bore pipe socket weld failures.

Guidelines and screening criteria for piping, including small bore, such as the EPRI Fatigue Management Handbook and ASME/OM-3 are discussed and applied. The use
of time series analysis using time history, spectrum analysis, and transfer function will be emphasized.

At class completion, participants will have a working knowledge for solving plant piping and Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.vibration problems by both analytical and testing means.

Register at the SI website, EARLY REGISTRATION IS ENCOURAGED. REGISTRATION CUT-OFF IS FEBRUARY 21, 2000. Cost is $995 per person. Includes all course material.

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