Polymer Emulsions for the Paper Market

Source: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Air Products Polymers, L. P. manufacturers and distributes a broad line of polymer emulsions
Air Products Polymers, L. P. is a joint venture between Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.(Allentown, PA, USA) and Wacker-Chemie GmbH(Munich, Germany) that manufacturers and distributes a broad line of polymer emulsions. Air Products Polymers produces Airflex® and Vinac® polymer emulsions which find utility in a wide range of paper applications. Our manufacturing facilities apply the concepts of process control and continuous improvement to consistently produce polymer emulsions of the highest quality. As binders in pigmented coatings, they provide an excellent balance of pigment binding strength plus water resistance and ink receptivity, making them ideal binders for offset, rotogravure and flexographic printing applications. Airflex and Vinac polymer emulsions are also used as surface sizes providing exceptional barriers to water, moisture vapor, grease and oil. And in saturant formulations, Airflex and Vinac polymer emulsions are used to modify such paper physical properties as tensile strength, stiffness and fold endurance.

Air Products Polymers is well positioned to serve the needs of the expanding global marketplace with manufacturing facilities on three continents. Sites include Cologne and Burghausen, Germany; San Juan del Rio, Mexico; Seoul and Ulsan City, Korea; and six locations in the United States. Customers are supported globally by an extensive network of sales offices staffed with experienced technical application personnel. And we have one of the most highly trained customer service organizations in the business ready to discuss product recommendations on the phone as well as provide a variety of customer support services.

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