RAAS2.5 Federal Reference Method PM2.5 Samplers

Source: Andersen Instruments, Inc.
Andersen Instruments, Inc.pany%> recently announced that it had received designation for both its RAAS2.5 Single and Multi-Day Sampler. The Federal Register states that it is the sole company to have received a national contract for all four types of instruments to be used in the U.S. EPA's Five Year Course Study (sampler types: single filter, sequential, audit, and speciation). The company also commended its instruments' user friendly software and ability to dump data from the field without accompanying PCs or palmtops. Andersen Instruments Inc., 500 Technology Court, Smyrna, GA 30082. Tel: 800.241.6898, 770.319.9999; Fax: 770.319.0336.