Recycling Facility Siting/Acquisition Market Research

Source: Moore & Associates

The following information is normally part of Moore & Associates' market research efforts
The following information is normally part of Moore & Associates' market research efforts. Of course, any client specific requests can be accommodated.

General Area Information

  • Estimated metropolitan population and expected growth
  • Current employment by sector including office (includes government/civilian, general office, finance/insurance), manufacturing, retail and wholesale
  • Area estimates for government, commercial and industrial employment growth

Recycling/Solid Waste Information
  • Prevailing disposal costs and future trends
  • Recycling legislative/regulatory climate
  • Expected future significant recycling trends (any new legislation or government regulatory trends that will markedly change the recycling business in the area)
  • Estimated present recovery levels of the major paper grades
  • Estimated approximate recycling collection market share by player and business sector (e.g., residential curbside recycling, office paper recycling, commercial/industrial, OCC, and converting/printer accounts)

Processing Facility Specific
For all the significant processors in the region the following information will be reported.
  • Estimated total tons per month of recovered paper handled
  • Estimated breakdown of recovered paper by type/grade
  • Estimated pre-consumer vs post-consumer office grade breakdown
  • Approximate market share controlled by the company of its individual business areas (e.g., residential curbside, supermarket tonnage, printers, office paper recycling, etc.)
  • An overall recovered paper marketplace share estimate
  • Approximate square footage under roof and acreage of the facility
  • Facility ceiling height
  • Proximity of facility to sources of supply and major transportation routes, including access to rail
  • A qualitative assessment of the management/business reputation in the marketplace
  • Significant sources of supply
  • Significant mill customers
  • An area map, showing the location of all the significant processors

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