White Paper

S-COR, A Revolutionary Engineered Biopharm Hose Of Teflon®

Source: Coreflex LLC


Bowie, MD - Flexible hoses are commonplace in biopharm applications: WFI/HWFI, load cell, process liquids, reagents, steam, and delivery systems, to name a few. In contrast to rigid tubing systems, these hoses allow for equipment movement and/or removal for sterilization. Most biopharm hoses are extruded from silicone, but Coreflex offers the first hose of Teflon® dedicated for biopharm applications… loaded with all the bells and whistles!

Historically, hoses of Teflon® have not been prevalent in biopharm facilities due to past design flaws. In a tube design, Teflon® becomes rather rigid and hard to bend. Even though Teflon® is the most favorable material in terms of purity, clean-ability, longevity, & chemical resistance, the drawback was lack of flexibility which would prove to be too much. Subsequently, Teflon® was forced to take a backseat to silicone, as the hose material of choice, in high purity applications. Silicone provided the needed flexibility with high/low temperature rating and offered validation certificates, tracing back to the original materials. These certificates have now become mandatory for hoses installed in biopharm processes. Unfortunately, the Teflon® suppliers did not have the ingenuity to compete with silicone and never truly understood the validation and certificate requirements of the industry…until Coreflex engineered S-COR!

What if there was a hose of Teflon® that offered both the flexibility of silicone hose and the validation? Coreflex has revolutionized the high purity hose industry with its hose of Teflon®, S-COR. This hose offers a smooth tube PTFE Teflon® innercore with a variation of braid reinforcements offering superb flexibility. S-COR offers the flexibility of silicone hose designs, with limiting tube collapse at the bend of the arch. The hose is constructed with a full-size inside diameter (i.d.), optimizing flow rates. The Teflon® inner surface is non-stick, assuring nothing will adhere to it and also allowing for complete clean-ability, with no material hold- up. The second patented non-metallic braid process gives the hose superb flex characteristics. Additionally, Coreflex fixated a lot of emphasis on S-COR's outer-cover. The smooth white silicone cover prevents bacteria growth and braid fray which is usually associated with hose of Teflon®. Moreover, the cover also protects users and surrounding equipment during the process of hot media transfer with biopharm material acceptance. S-COR is available with Coreflex's unique tagging system (Perma-Tag™) vulcanized to the silicone cover, displaying seven (7) color variations and multiple lines of text for hose identification and tracking.

S-COR should be in your applications!

  • Steam compatibility: Most biopharm hoses encounter steam at some point – either for steam transfer lines or steam sterilization cycles. The unfortunate disadvantage of silicone is failure during steam. Repeated cycles of steam in silicone hose will in some cases, cause the hose to discolor and/or crack. This can prove expensive with the costs associated in hose replacement, process downtime, and administrative expenses – paper trail. Teflon® is practically inert to steam and will stand up through repeated cycles reducing process downtime.
  • Purity: Coreflex utilizes Dupont's T62 PTFE for all hose innercore material. PTFE is one of the most pure materials available for hose usage. The unique non-stick characteristic of Teflon® is ideal for high purity hose transfer. Material will not adhere to the surface, therefore alleviating the concern of contaminating a future batch. In addition, the hose is completely clean-able/drainable.
  • Approvals: S-COR has been tested and approved with USP Class VI certification test reports. S-COR also meets or exceeds the requirements of the FDA 21CFR177.1550, USDA, & 3A sanitary standards.

In terms of an all-purpose biopharm hose, there is no comparison to S-COR!