Datasheet | February 21, 2013

Safety Valves MS6-SV-C/MS9-SV-C Datasheet

Source: Festo Corporation

Reliably ensures fastest possible exhaust in the event of an emergency stop in safety critical systems. The combination of the soft-start function and safety exhausting makes for improved safety and greater machine availability.

Certified to DIN ISO 13849-1, category 4, Performance Level e, so that you can be sure machine operators are protected. Extremely high exhaust air flow rates (9,000 l/min from P2 to P3) and continuous testing and sensing of the safety function further guarantee safe operation when a critical event occurs.

The MS6-SV-E now has an integrated connection to AS-Interface Safety at Work, which eliminates the need for an additional safety relay. Including switching status sensing and diagnostic function. The input and output pressures P1 and P2 are internally monitored and can be read out via the AS-Interface bus.