Reverse Trim: optimal master roll & coil size system

Source: Strategic Systems International, Ltd.

Product Name: SmartTRIM * RT Reverse Trim: optimal master roll & coil sizing system
Minimize waste and maximize production yield before trimming even begins with Strategic Systems Reverse-Trim optimization system

SmartTRIM * RT allows manufacturers to extend optimization techniques one-step further in the roll good supply chain. Seemingly insignificant trim waste on the shop floor can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue to roll good manufacturers and processors when projected over months and years. SmartTRIM * RT analyzes history of past purchase orders and recommends the optimal size for roll good products to be procured in the future, thereby minimizing potential yield loss for similar, projected order sets.

Using SmartTRIM — Strategic Systems' trim optimization and slitter scheduling software — in concert with SmartTRIM * RT amplifies the benefits of minimizing waste and maximizing production yield. SmartTRIM * RT — one of seven supply chain optimization products from Strategic Systems — is flexible and readily integrates and synchronizes with ERP and legacy systems.