SOLVAir® Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate

SOLVAir sodium bicarbonate is manufactured at Solvay Chemicals’ Green River, Wyoming plant. For many years, sodium bicarbonate has been used to reduce acid gas stack emissions in industries including coal-fired power plants and waste incinerators. SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative approach for dry sorbent injection applications. It reacts very rapidly with acid gases and is able to achieve very high levels of removal of these pollutants when used in a properly designed DSI system.

As the sodium bicarbonate enters the hot flue gas stream, it is rapidly converted to sodium carbonate particles with greatly increased surface area and porosity.

This ‘activated’ carbonate neutralizes acids (hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrofluoric acid, etc.) with very high efficiencies. NOx removal ranging between 10-20% has been observed during SO2 abatement in DSI.

The efficiency of Select 300 sodium bicarbonate is vastly improved when milled prior to injection into the flue gas stream. It is particularly versatile because it is effective over a wide range of operating temperatures.

A plant’s operating conditions will ultimately affect the performance of the dry sorbents in acid gas removal. The most important variables for high removal efficiency are: sorbent particle size, mixing or dispersion of the sorbent into the gas stream, retention time, injection temperature, and concentration.

For customers facing very tight restrictions, Select 300 sodium bicarbonate is the product of choice. It is a non-hazardous product with excellent handling characteristics.

Select 300 sodium bicarbonate is shipped in bulk railcars and bulk trucks from our plant site in Green River, Wyoming. For those customers needing a packaged product, we ship from our Parachute, Colorado location.

We also offer Select 350 sodium bicarbonate, a pre-milled product which is ready to use. Select 350 is made to very tight specifications and can enhance performance when used in a properly designed injection system.