Brochure | November 12, 2009

Stainless Steel Whirly Tank Cleaning Nozzle (Series 569)

Source: Lechler Inc.

The Lechler Stainless Steel Whirly nozzle is the workhorse of Lechler's tank cleaning product line. Compared to a non-rotating spray ball for which clogged orifices can cause voids in coverage, the free-spinning Whirly nozzle uses the moving flow of the cleaning fluid in addition to impact for its effectiveness. The rotating flat fan sprays wash their entire designated area to ensure that there are no voids in coverage. The Whirly's polished stainless steel construction resists contaminant buildup. Self flushing bearings and self draining heads permit permanent installation in many cases.

Lechler has improved the Whirly over the years to be better balanced with more connection options. This nozzle is designed to clean tanks up to 10' in diameter and comes in these connections: threaded, slip-on, and Tri-Clamp. Coverages include 360º and either 270º up or 270º down.

Typical cleaning applications:

  • Small and medium-sized tanks
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place)
  • Industries such as Chemical, Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical