Datasheet | June 25, 2008

Datasheet: Talon

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, with its full scale "university grade" (up to 750,000 gallons) testing facility and process knowledge, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions provides efficient biological nutrient removal (BNR) that you can count on.

The HALO with the TALON configuration introduces the next generation advancement on the AeroPhoil design. After 30 years of proven installations, the patented Talon impeller is the most technically advanced Low-Speed Surface Aeration (LSSA) Impeller available today. Capable of continuously providing the horizontal velocity required in ditch applications, it also ensures the biological components of the ditch receive the oxygen required to treat the bio-solids.

Some Benefits of the Halo and Talon Configuration:

  • Energy efficient design provides up to 25% greater oxygen transfer than the nearest competitor's offering.
  • Standard Aeration Efficiency up to 4.5 lbs O2/hp hr Variably-pitched, parabolic-cambered, hyper-raked, skewed design.
  • Extensively tested and proven with FEA, CFD, and the world's largest R&D testing lab