Water Filtration System

Source: Rain for Rent

A 36" pipeline near the Fall River and the scenic town of Burney, California, needed to be hydrotested by a major California utility. The Woodland Rain for Rent branch responded to the challenge by designing and environmentally-safe pump and water filtration treatment system for the pipeline contractor.

Water was pumped from the pristine Fall River with a DV150 Power Prime pump into three 21,000 gallon Worksafe steel manifold tanks resting in SpillGuard berms. The water was then pumped from the tanks with a 3HA pump into the pipeline for the hydrotest procedure. Each pump had a backup due to the critical project time schedule. All equipment was protected with SpillGuards to prevent any contamination of the job site.

After the completion of the hydrotest, the hydrocarbon contaminated water was pumped back into the three 21,000 gallon tanks, then filtered through a PF400 cartridge/bag filter and a carbon filter. Clean water was returned to the Fall River and the project was completed ahead of schedule