Product Showcase

  1. The AquaKlear 400auto System
    The AquaKlear 400auto System is configured with MC line of chemistry to provide you with the most competitive cost of treatment, combined with the safest sludge available for landfill disposal
  2. The AquaKlear System
    The answer to many industry's need for an economical, space saving, fully automated system that requires little operator attention.
  3. The AquaKlear Automated Wastewater Treatment System
    The AquaKlear Treatment System offers an alternative to filter press and vacuum drum type systems, the system has been greatly enhanced with the latest in advanced electronics and improved sludge dewatering techniques
  4. Mueller Steam Specialty
    Mueller Steam Specialty was founded in the early 1900's as a specialty manufacturer serving the valve industry.
  5. Instrumentation For The Pulp & Paper Industry

    ABB has more expertise in pulp and paper applications globally than any other supplier. Based on this experience, we have refined and developed the performance of our portfolio of intelligent instrumentation products to ensure you get a solution that meets your precise requirements every time.

  6. Stormceptor Phase I & II Compliance
    With over 50 years experience manufacturing concrete products, you receive the highest quality product from a company that stands behind their products – regardless of your location
  7. Infrared Detection for the Pulp and Paper Industry

    With paper customers demanding higher and higher quality specifications and faster delivery times, paper manufacturing is becoming increasingly demanding and competitive.

  8. Fast-Trak Glaze Series
    The Sauereisen Fast-Trak Glaze Series is a coating system specifically designed to protect concrete, steel or masonry surfaces in the pulp & paper industry.
  9. Fast-Trak Lining Series
    The Sauereisen Fast-Trak Lining Series is a fiber-reinforced lining system specifically designed to protect concrete, steel or masonry surfaces in the pulp & paper industry.
  10. Scrub-IT 2100™
    Scrub-IT 2100 captures H2S (hydrogen sulfide) in a secure chemical grip that does not revert once the pH changes