Product Showcase

  1. Stainless Steel Whirly Tank Cleaning Nozzle (Series 569)
    The Stainless Steel Whirly nozzle is the workhorse of Lechler’s tank cleaning product line. Compared to a non-rotating spray ball for which clogged orifices can cause voids in coverage, the free-spinning Whirly nozzle uses the moving flow of the cleaning fluid in addition to impact for its effectiveness.
  2. Lancer & MHS Impellers
    The design benefits of these impellers are that their unique geometry works to quickly accelerate from zero velocity to produce high thrust and a focused far reaching flow needed for large stock storage and processing tanks
  3. PMSL Shut Off Device
    The mechanical shut-off device incorporated into the Philadelphia Mixing Solutions' Side-Entry Mixer Line is engineered for today's strictest "No Material on the Ground" environmental and safety requirements. Designed into the shaft and mounting flange is a stainless steel taper-to-taper shut-off feature
  4. PMSL Side Entry Mixer
    The PMSL Side Entry Mixer is designed to create "focused flow," allowing effective penetration across stock vessels. This results in bottom to top to bottom rotational flow, which is the key to effective zonal stock mixing
  5. Counter Flow Impeller
    Philadelphia Mixing Solutions' counter flow impeller is used for top entry mixing of pulp & paper stock chests
  6. Talon Low Speed Surface Aerator
    Capable of continuously providing the horizontal velocity required in ditch, basin and lagoon applications, it also ensures the biological components of the application receive the oxygen required to treat the bio-solids
  7. Raptor - High Speed Directional Mixing & Aeration System
    The Raptor floats in a lagoon or may be used in a fixed mounted fashion as supplemental aeration to a ditch or similar aeration basin
  8. PMSL’s Submix™ and Phlo-Booster - Hybrid Aeration System
    Applicable to nitrification and denitirification chambers, PMSL’s flow booster is unmatched in performance and mechanical reliability, ensuring your process requirements are met independently or when paired with PMSL’s diffuser membranes
  9. BRS Backwash Reduction System
    The BRS Backwash Reduction System is a separator specifically designed as a pre-filter for sand media filters
  10. OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear
    OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear by North Safety Products features a large frame design that offers excellent coverage and protection over prescription eyewear.