Product Showcase

  1. Paper, Printing & Converting Automation Solutions

    Complex processes, aggressive environmental conditions, continuous operation: water, sludge, fibrous material, rejects and pollutants of different consistencies pass through the production stations and need to be separated, sorted or filtered.

  2. Safety Valves MS6-SV-C/MS9-SV-C

    Low-cost and capable of high flow rates Reliable and fast venting of systems

  3. Compressed Air Preparation

    The right compressed air preparation system significantly increases the long service life of Festo components and systems – as well as the process and product reliability.

  4. LIBS System Configuration: AvaLIBS Modules

    AvaLibs Modules by Avantes provide an alternative method of configuring a LIBS system. These modules allow you to choose the number of AvaSpec spectrometers (up to 8), the number of axis in your sample chamber, and the layout. 50 mJ and 100 mJ lasers by Avantes are available, but you also have the option of connecting your own laser to the system (through an available adaptor plate).

  5. Particle Size Analyzer Instruments

    Micromeritics offers an extensive line of particle size analyzers based on a variety of measurement techniques because the most appropriate selection of instrumentation depends on many factors including the physical and chemical properties of the materials, their size ranges, the analytical throughput requirements, resolution, precision, and the environment in which the instrument is to be operated. 

  6. Particle Surface Area & Porosity Analyzers

    Surface area and porosity are two important physical properties that determine the quality and utility of many materials, and Micromeritics offers a product to fulfill almost any need for surface area and porosity determination. 

  7. Particle Density Analyzer Instruments

    Micromeritics gas pycnometers (AccuPyc and GeoPyc) are used worldwide to characterize raw materials as well as to determine the density of finished products. 

  8. Particle Vapor Sorption Analyzers

    Micromertitics DVS (Dynamic Vapor Sorption) instruments provide accurate results with unsurpassed performance in vapor measurement.

  9. Particle Segregation Testing Instrument

    Segregation, or separation, of granular powder materials is one of the main causes of process failure with systems that handle powder materials. Using state-of-the-art spectroscopic technology, the innovative SPECTester is capable of analyzing a sample comprised of up to six individual components, such as: particle size, sifting, fluidization, angle of repose, chemical component and air entrainment.

  10. OEM Spectrometer: Microprocessor Boards

    The AS5216 electronics board is available in two configurations and is a multipurpose controller with the flexibility to interface with all of our AvaBench configurations. The AS5216 supports USB and RS-232 communication standard and is also available with a wireless communication module. The controller has digital and analog input/output capability as a standard option as well as an on board field programmable gate array (FPGA) which is used to control the timing of the board.