Product Showcase

  1. Bearing Reliability
    Bearing reliability can be greatly improved by using the correct grease, applied in the correct time and amount.
  2. ARC NVE

    ARC NVE is a high performance, quartz reinforced, three-component, modified novolac vinyl ester lining capable of being applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

  3. 170 Slurry Seal

    The 170 Slurry seal is engineered to operate in serve slurry environments eliminating costly external seal flushes.

  4. Web Tension Loadcells
    In converting operations or on plastic film lines, on web printing presses or textile finishing machinery, recalibrating and replacing load cells that drift or malfunction can be a major preoccupation for maintenance departments.
  5. Web Tension Measurement
    Today, web machinery is being equipped with more process automation than ever before, including closed-loop controls and recipe management. A wider range of materials must be processed at higher operating speeds – without sacrificing product quality or risking downtime.
  6. High Performance NIR Spectrometers: AvaSpec NIRLine

    The new AvaSpec NIRLine high performance spectrometers provide leading-edge performance for dispersive NIR instruments with toroid focusing mirrors and dynamic dark correction for enhanced stability.

  7. ConoFlex 381 Chemical Resistant Coating
    It is with great excitement that we introduce Sauereisen’s latest technological advancement, ConoFlex 381. ConoFlex 381 is an environmentally friendly 100% solids, elastomeric hybrid polymer lining which provides superior chemical resistance to a host of aggressive chemicals.
  8. SuperSet: Chesterton Packing With The EnviroSeal SpiralTrac

    The SuperSet combines the superior sealing capabilities of Chesterton’s Mechanical Packing products with the patented design of the EnviroSeal SpiralTrac* Version P Environmental Controller for Packed Stuffing Boxes.

  9. FPI Mag® Insertion Flow Meter

    Reduce Installation Time and Cost: Next Generation Mag Meter Improves Processes

    Today's operations managers recognize the need to improve their processes and reduce costs. McCrometer's FPI Mag® Next Generation Mag Meter reduces installation costs up to 45% by eliminating the need for heavy equipment and excessive manpower. This innovative meter provides accuracy that rivals a full-bore mag, plus simple, fast hot tap installation without the need for system shutdown, as well as versatility to meet a wide range of applications and pipe sizes. Click here to learn more about McCrometer’s FPI Mag.

  10. SPI Mag™ Insertion Flow Meter

    The SPI Mag Insertion Flow Meter provides a highly cost-effective solution for the accurate measurement of liquid flow in closed conduit, pressurized pipe applications.