Product Showcase

  1. Miniature Spectrometer: AvaSpec Mini

    The AvaSpec Mini is a powerful spectrometer in a small package  (90 x 68 x 20 mm, 155 grams).  The instrument is available in a variety of fixed configurations covering the UV to the NIR  with resolution as high as 0.2 nm (FWHM). This spectrometer is ideal for radiometry, UV/VIS chemistry, colorimetry and Raman spectroscopy applications.  The AvaSpec Mini is available individually for lab use or for integration into other devices as an OEM-spectrometer.

  2. Fiber Optic Raman Spectrometer: AvaRaman

    Raman spectroscopy measures the result of the inelastic scattering of photons. Avantes’ AvaRaman is a fiber optic spectrometer ideal for use in applications involving reaction monitoring, remote sensing, product identification, and the characterization of particulate in aqueous solutions. When combined with a 532 nm, 633 nm, or 785 nm laser, this spectrometer is designed to give you outstanding Raman measurement results.

  3. 30K Lip Seal
    Chesterton® 30K’s lip seals are high performance lip seals that are ideal for dynamic rotary seal applications. These seals provide excellent service in bearing and gear box applications that utilize conventional oil lip seals.
  4. 33K Split Seal
    Chesterton® patent pending 33K’s split rotary seal design can be used on in many non-pressure applications including bearing protection for pumps, gearboxes and rollers.
  5. 442 Split Seal
    Chesterton, the world leader in split seal technology, has the largest installed base globally. Our broad experience in split sealing enables a wide array of uses to improve plant efficiencies.
  6. ARC S7
    ARC S7 is a low VOC, epoxy novolac vinyl ester based coating intended for high temperature exposures in chemically aggressive applications where the risk for thermal cycling may be present.
  7. ARC I BX1
    An advanced grade epoxy and urethane composite for the repair and protection of all metal surfaces subjected to severe abrasion and impact. It is normally applied at a thickness of 6 mm (1/4 inch) or more.
  8. ARC 855
    An advanced ceramic composite formulated to protect equipment from aggressive chemical attack, corrosion, and erosion. The product is a low viscosity composite that is easily applied by brush or roller.
  9. Bearing Reliability
    Bearing reliability can be greatly improved by using the correct grease, applied in the correct time and amount.
  10. ARC NVE

    ARC NVE is a high performance, quartz reinforced, three-component, modified novolac vinyl ester lining capable of being applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.